"If people let the government decide what food they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as souls under tyranny." - Thomas JeffersonGarden State Raw Milk - Campaign To Legalize The Sale of Raw Milk in New Jersey

Garden State Raw Milk Mission:

To Legalize the Sale of Raw Milk in NJ

Share Our Vision:

To see wholesome, locally-produced raw milk

from well-managed New Jersey dairies

legally available for purchase. 

To preserve our dairy farms and revitalize

agriculture in our Garden State. 


UPDATE - On February 2nd, A-518 passed the Assembly Agriculture Committee with a vote of 5 in favor and ZERO opposed! We had a great turnout of supporters and we were able to present good reasons why this bill should be passed, despite strong opposing testimony.  NOW - call and thank the committee members and contact your own Assembly person, telling them your own story and why raw milk is your choice , and email, or fax them this information sheet of important points. (Please read yourself first)  Let them know that we have more information available for them in this longer document.  

UPDATE - On December 12th, 2011, the bill had a hearing in front of the Senate Economic Growth Committee. We had a chance to present some of the reasons we support legalizing raw milk sales, but many important issues were not presented due to lack of time (see news story). Your presence there - and we had an excellent turnout thank you, including families with children - was instrumental. 

UPDATE - On March 14th, we had our second victory! 

The NJ Assembly voted 71 to 6 in favor of passage of our bill with 1 abstention. Please contact your Assembly members and thank them for their "yes" vote - you can see how they voted here.    Now on to the Senate and let's win there!

UPDATE - On Februrary 10th, we had our first victory!  The NJ Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee held a third meeting in Trenton to listen to the public concerning the legalization of raw milk sales in NJ.  A few NJ dairy farmers spoke against the legal sale of raw milk, so our strong show of support for the bill was very important! Then the Committee voted "YES" to move A743 onto the Assembly to be heard. See news article here.

PREVIOUSLY - On January 24, 2011, the NJ Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee held a second meeting in Trenton to listen to the public concerning the legalization of raw milk sales in NJ. Representatives from Garden State Raw Milk joined forces with more than two dozen individuals including dedicated consumers, impassioned mothers and fathers, pioneering dairy farmers, concerned health professionals, tireless chapter leaders from the Weston A. Price Foundation, and supportive members of the New Jersey Farm Bureau. See news article here.  

We testified with truth and passion about why raw milk must be made available (as it once was) to every person in NJ who wishes to purchase it. Our bill sponsors, Assemblywoman Connie Wagner and Assemblyman Dimaio's aide Tanya, attended and made it clear that they fully support the passage of this bill and understand the important reasons it needs to happen now. 

Our bill, Assembly No. 743, would reverse the current prohibition against the sale or distribution of raw milk, and would require dairy farmers obtain a state permit to sell it directly off their farm.  Language in the bill will protect the right for cow-sharing arrangements to be established as well.  Right now, only the owners of a cow or other dairy animal are allowed to consume its milk without pasteurization. 

We'd like to sincerely thank Chairman Nelson Albano, Vice Chair Celeste Riley, and the members of the committee for their patience and empathy as they listened to our testimony. The response we received was gratifying, and it was clear that the voices of New Jersey were being heard.  Some of the most compelling testimony came from those who may have felt they were the least experienced in speaking - the dedicated mothers and fathers who want the best for their children, and the farmers who want to produce this valuable food for us.

A heartfelt thanks to one and all for attending, and to all those who have written and called the Committee and their Assembly members on behalf of this bill.  We could not have been successful without each and every voice.  We must continue to make our voices heard, by sharing with your families, neighbors and friends, and most importantly your elected state representatives, the need for raw milk in NJ.  It will happen and you will be the ones to do it!

Garden State Raw Milk

A Project of the Foodshed Alliance, Blairstown, NJ

If you would like to listen to an archived recording of the testimony given at this hearing, go to the following link and select the January 24th meeting (testimony starts at about 1 hour and 3 minutes in), or the February 10th meeting:


Who is Garden State Raw Milk?

We are a project started in February 2006 by the FOODSHED ALLIANCEa non-profit organization dedicated to promoting locally-grown food and farming.  We are a grass-roots group of consumers, farmers, scientists, health professionals, and non-profit organizations, working together to create legal

access to raw milk in New Jersey.  Please join us!

Please take a look at our brochure and feel free

to print it and share it with others.

Download the brochure (PDF, 163K).

How Can You Help?  See the sidebar on the right and:

Our first Committe Hearing

for the

2012-2013 legislative session was a success!!!!

Please contact the

Assembly Agriculture Committee members below and thank them for

their support.

Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Members:

Nelson Albano (D), Chair
(609) 465-0700

Gilbert Wilson (D), Vice Chair
(856) 541-1251

Marlene Caride (D), new committee member
(201) 943-0615

Robert Clifton (R), new committee member
(732) 446-3408

Ronald Dancer (R)
(609) 758-0205

Our Assembly Sponsors:
DiMaio, John as Primary Sponsor
Wagner, Connie as Primary Sponsor
Wilson, Gilbert L. as Primary Sponsor
McHose, Alison Littell as Co-Sponsor
Peterson, Erik as Co-Sponsor
Giblin, Thomas P. as Co-Sponsor
Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. as Co-Sponsor



Location Committee Meeting:

NJ State House Annex

Committee Room 12, 4th Floor
on W State St, Trenton 08625

Directions & parking information

Be sure to bring ID such as drivers license so you can get a visitor pass at the guard desk inside the building.
Use this address for online searches because the State House Annex is right across the street: 

162 W State Street Trenton NJ 08625